7 game changers while designing the ui and ux for any software or website!

Oct 11, 2023 | Blog

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Imagine yourself as the Marketing Manager for a company that sells coffee. What’s the first thing you thought of when you read the word ‘Coffee’? Brown beans, roasted to perfection, strong flavors, aroma, and worth getting a cup right now! Now, what do you think when you hear ‘coffee’ as a branded product? Maybe a packet or a jar of coffee powder, the image of hot cup brewing on the front of the label, brown or blackish shade for the jar? If you have noticed carefully, what changed here was not the product, or your position or the brand; what changed was the design of the packaging and your perception as we spoke of different concepts around coffee.

Perception of the consumers has a lot to do when you are selling a product or a service and that, my friends, becomes the base of the design UI/UX.

Now, considering coffee as our base, allow us to give you examples of different perceptions. Imagine yourself as the Marketing Manager for a company that sells ‘Organic’ coffee. So what would your product brand look like – paper or recyclable packaging, earthy or colors in the shades of green or light brown, soft and curvy fonts, the price may be a tad higher! and a perception that this coffee is healthy without any chemical processing. Straight outta lush, green farms.

Let’s change the USP of your company now – marketing strategy lies around waking people up, giving them the caffeine dose every morning so that they shine in their work; this will now change your packaging (not to forget, your website layouts, communication documents and otherwise) into something electrifying; a lightning bolt on the package, with graphics that are bold and stand out. The colours might be dark, strong brown with red or orange added colours for energy.

Customers pick up the two packages and they will instantly choose one based on their requirements; whether they want healthy, organic, and a calming coffee, or one that gives an instant kick to the brain!

Designs and UI/UX are like the faces of your brands; one look and people make their judgments and choices. That’s why, top MNCs and several leading brands pay utmost attention to and spend a fortune on building a brand that starts with colors, designs, and UI/UX.

The perception was our point 1 in studying how to build designs for end customers; of course, this article will not speak on which tools to use and for what. Our readers have figured out that already. But here are some tips in helping build a branding strategy for any company in any industry. Let’s see how many do you know and how many can add value to your knowledge:

Point 2 – Colours that Paint!

Several leading psychologists and confirmed by designers over the world have shed light on the importance of using correct color palettes for our design and UI/UX projects. But why? A solid example of this – have you observed that most food brands have their logos and brand colors fall in the range of yellows, reds, and oranges? Why?

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