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What is Refund Protect

Welcome to Refundable Bookings

The Refundable Bookings solution has been carefully designed to provide a range of Customer Experience, Commercial and Promotional benefits to global brands, in order to further drive their business success:

How it works

Customers are offered enhanced bookings at the point of sale, with refundable terms and conditions included. Once selected it enables the customer to apply for a full refund should they not be able to attend their bookings, for a broad range of unforeseen reasons.

Focus on business not on refunds

Refunds are administered by Refund Protect’s Customer Experience Team directly to the customer, on your behalf, reducing the number of refunds you have to process and delivering full and rapid refunds to those affected by the most sensitive of scenarios within 48 hours. This ensures the very best Customer Experience.

Delight your customers

In an unpredictable World, where anything can happen, Refundable Bookings are used by the largest global events, ticketing, travel, transportation and hospitality brands as an essential solution to drive consumer purchasing confidence and additional revenue.


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