Pikateck’s Premium Projects

Some of the many Innovative and Process-driving automation solutions

  • Fusionaccess


    A CMS platform where you could sell furniture online. Nothing new about this? Wait till you hear the USP - You can now customise the furniture you like online before buying. With secure backend and database, and frontend design operations that glide like butter.

    • Client

      Shilpa Kalanjee-Pastala

  • North East United

    North East United

    One of the Football teams of the ISL, Pikateck formulated an international technique of listing all the players, their details, strategies and positions, upcoming matches and championships with all the PR news on the portal.

    • Client

      Priya Runchal

  • Femori


    A woman's world for a woman’s dream - this is a brilliant social media platform for women to come together, share their dreams and their journeys, inspire others to achieve theirs while helping someone in all possible ways to achieve their goals.

    • Client

      Aruna Sampath

  • Times Talent

    Times Talent

    Multiple Models and Artists, coupled with quotation for each events, artists, billing and bookings, branches of communications, data transactions and more - a Made to order solution that involves Booking, Quotation, Accounts and CRM into one.

    • Client

      Rohit Dhar

  • Reebok RUN

    Reebok RUN

    Partnering with the best Sports company, Reebok Run is for athletes and trainers - A functionality is built to change the schedule of the training sessions with their venues.

  • Contineo


    A banking security software that is integrated with Artificial Intelligence to protect sensitive data- A secure, encrypted platform to filter voice from the bank operations.

    • Client

      Munir Merchant

  • Rugby India

    Rugby India

    Pikateck developed a progressive website where we can register teamwise players and develop a database across the country. Responsive and Optimised, the portal paves a way for Indian Rugby Association to develop a board and go global.

    • Client

      Nasser Hussain

  • A La Concierge

    A La Concierge

    ALC is a Concierge service for Corporates and Residential Complexes that opt for a premium lifestyle. From basic amenities to high-end luxurious facilities, ALC has been striving to make living easy, stylish and of utmost quality.

    • Client

      Chaitanya Sinh

  • Meraki


    Pikateck built a website for this top sports' events management company based out in Mumbai. Known for their exemplar event sports event planning skills, strategy, expertise and strength, they are the top-accoladed companies in the sports business.

    • Client

      Kiran Khalap

  • Music RUN

    Fastrack Music Run

    Developing Ticketing platform for Music Marathon organised by Meraki - the event had a host of sections making it a dynamic webiste + CRM Ticketing medium for online registration on third-party app.

    • Client


  • Fourways


    Bringing together all the modules of the Travel booking agency - Hotels, Flights, Excursions, Transfers, Insurances, etc., Pikateck found a way to get all the widgets like Customer Profile, Quotation module and Accounting tool system-integrated. B2B | B2C | B2B2C

    • Client

      Zakaullah Siddiqui

  • Avesta


    A new-age Travel agency that provides complete journey booking provisions under a single roof. National and International Flights, Hotels, Excursions, Transfers, Insurance - all and more with Avesta

    • Client

      Marzban Antia

  • Saksham Cyclothon

    Saksham Cyclothon

    Designed and developed to promote the Cycling event in National and Finance Capital, Delhi and Mumbai respectively. A responsive website for awareness and registrations

  • Bombax


    Smartest Tech-imbibed Logistics company to Pickup, Manifest, Track, Deliver with Web + Mobile application - Fast, Process-optimised and real-time, one-of-a-kind in the Industry

    • Client

      Chaitanya Sinh

  • Oilmax Stag Yoddhas

    Oilmax Stag Yoddhas

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