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Financial Risk Solutions

We are a provider of niche technology and related services that helps organisations fight financial crime more intelligently and pro-actively.

We bring together decades of domain expertise, proven methods, and cutting edge technology solutions to equip you with state of the art defences in your fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

"The methods adopted by financial criminals are getting increasingly sophisticated, We help you become even more sophisticated"
Professional Services
Watch-List Management
Sanctions Intelligence Toolkit

Why Contineo websites

Our objective is to enable you to be proactive rather than reactive, and uncover and mitigate risks before they become issues for your organisation. Our team comprises of leading industry practitioners all of whom have been working in this industry since its infancy. By combining advances in data and technology with the domain expertise that our team brings, we are able to solve a number of pressing issues that organisations currently face across the KYC, Watch-List Screening, and Transaction Monitoring areas.