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About Innovative Systems is a leading provider of cutting-edge software solutions tailored for the airline and travel industry. With a strong focus on innovation and efficiency, their suite of strategic software solutions caters to a wide range of business clients within the aviation and travel sectors.

Airline solutions


A concise overview

Since 2004, our company has specialized in delivering software solutions tailored to the global airline industry. Additionally, we’ve successfully deployed software applications within airline headquarters to streamline the processing of TDS on agent commissions.

Key Offerings

Imports Data Capture System (IDACS) - Airline

Streamlined system for efficient management and tracking of airline cargo data.

Hotel, Tours, and Travel Reservation System

Robust software facilitating seamless reservations and bookings, supporting multiple currencies.

CD-based Directory Services

Comprehensive directory services featuring cross-references and search modules.

Agent Call Monitoring System

Tailored for call centers, ensuring quality control and efficiency in customer interactions.

Employee Information, Payroll, and Appraisal Systems

Integrated solutions for managing employee data, payroll processing, and performance appraisals.

Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) Processing:

Efficient processing and filing of eTDS returns, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Airline Passenger Industry Solutions


Validation of Agency sales data against the Tour code parameters


Creation of ADM / ACM for mass uploading. Generates the FORM16, e-TDS returns etc


A powerful tool to extract data from the HOT file for various user defined filters

Service Tax

Audit of sales

TView software

Generate a ticket image linked to refunds & more


Get various fares available for seaman travel


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